Quang Binh is increasingly famous and attracts many visitors to visit with many types of eco-tourism and adventure. Among that, it is impossible not to mention the beauty spots at Dark Cave.

About Dark Cave

Dark Cave is the most mentioned translation point in recent years. Dark Cave belongs to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Quang Binh province. Here visitors will experience fascinating activities such as exploring caves, mud bathing, swimming in dark pools, kayaking, zipline swing.

In 1992, the cave was discovered and named by the Royal Cave Exploration Association as Dark cave because of the thick darkness covering the corners of the cave. The cave is 5.258m long, 80m high, 50m wide, including 2 gates: the front door is adjacent to Chay river (30m high, more than 10m) and the back door is adjacent to the forest (50m high, about 20m wide). There are many stalactites in the cave with various shapes and colors. In particular, Dark cave possesses stalactite blocks with parasitic ferns - it is rarely seen in other caves. Dark cave is located right on the path to Thien Duong cave and Nuoc Mooc stream. However, Dark Cave has just been introduced to tourists in recent years.

Dark Cave

Dark Cave

Dark Cave is 6 km long and is considered a "miniature Son Doong". In the rainy season, the water level is high, which is a condition for the accumulation of young mud, forming a large mud lake with enough essential minerals to help visitors relax.

In 2014 Phong Nha Ke Bang Tourist Center invested Zipline system over Chay River. Along with the natural beauty of Dark cave and the zipline system through Chay river, it makes Dark cave become a tourist attraction when visiting Quang Binh.

Currently, you can take Phong Nha Cave - Dark Cave full day tour to explore this spot. 

Experience at Dark Cave

What you should bring

Dark cave

Dark Cave

  • To prepare for the trip, you should prepare yourself a bikini suit to do the mud bathing in Dark Cave 
  • Those who don't bathe in Dark Cave, let's bring clothes that you feel most comfortable with. But it is best to wear swimwear for easy swinging and bathing.
  • In addition, prepare a towel to wipe the person dry after taking a bath. Of course on the resort will also provide but you should use your towel.
  • Notice that you should dress comfortably, sunglasses, sunscreen.
  • Wearing sandals is best because when bathing the stream, wearing shoes will be very uncomfortable.


There are 2 types of tickets to visit Chay river - Dark cave. When buying a ticket to visit this tourist spot, it is impossible to return, you should determine in advance. Tickets to the Chay river- Dark cave include the following services:

  • Package ticket: VND 450,000 / ticket.

Ticket service includes games at Chay river- Dark cave: Zipline swing, mud bath, kayak rowing, river bath, adventure Dark Cave, etc.

  • Private ticket service: VND 270,000 / ticket

Services include: Zipline swing, Kayak paddle boat, Chay river bathing, etc.

Dark Cave

Dark Cave

Dark cave is one of the attractions of Quang Binh Tourism. Located in the core zone of Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park, Dark cave becomes one of the attractive tourist destinations in Quang Binh.